[alk036] Dj Somatix [Astral Dynamics]


Free release by some of the freshest producers in Eire.

Remixes by Dubh Thrian & The Person.

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Community Skratch Games 2014

Having become as much a feature of Easter as the Holy Thursday desperate dash to the off license and that slightly sickly feeling one gets on Easter Monday from the over-consumption of chocolate/lamb/booze, The Community Skratch Games High Rollers Bonanza (to give it its full and oft-underused title) returns this Easter bank holiday weekend to its literal and spiritual home of the Bierhaus, to the delight of scratch fans countrywide (and consternation of Bierhaus staff).

A festival that prizes continuity as well as innovation , this year’s CSG welcomes back some old friends while ushering in some new faces.

The Saturday, as always, is dedicated to the scratchier side of things, with the-no-holds-barred, winner-takes-it-all (it being a large bag of meat from long-time festival sponsor Colleran’s Butchers) Community Scratch Battle Royale forming the centrepiece of the day’s proceedings.

But as a festival not hewn to the vicious yoke of DMC overlord Tony Prince, there’s also room for the more exploratory, esoteric side of the cuttin’ game, as will be amply demonstrated in showcases by the likes of the duo formerly known as Neil Buchanan, DJackulate and Moschops, who have been described as “Jim’ll Paint it with turntables”. Their fun sets are always held together with an exceptional level of technique and skill.

Jimmy Hatetank aka Manipulate will be taking a break from the hyperactive mentalism that is G.O.D. this year to bring you a special showcase alongside Enron and Chile, who will both be popping their CSG cherries. Chile has some titles under his belt in the shape of the 2011 WTK WORLD FREESTYLE SCRATCH and the 2013 IDA SCRATCH UK championships.

Jim will also be doing a showcase with a special guest. MTBA

S-Trix is one of the hottest cutters in Germany, and will have a showcase of some pretty wonderful routines.

Having enjoyed his trip to Galway so much back in March, 2013 DMC Online Champ Jon 1st will be making a welcome return, where in the safe environs of an all day skratch marathon, he’s sure to bust out and get freaky on the cut.

It won’t be strictly cuts on Saturday however, with some serious representation from Limerick, a city with a fertile nascent hip-hop scene bubbling up right now.

The Moyross Youth Crew, who’ve been busy crafting beats and rhymes under the expert tutelage of Naive Ted, will be busting out in Galway for the first time, while MynameisjOhn and God Knows, fresh off the back of their ace The Struggle EP (made in collaboration with Graeme S.) and an incendiary showstealer of a set at the recent !Kaboogie birthday, promise to tear the roof off the Bierhaus.

Sunday is set aside for the producers showcase, where there’ll be a dialing back on the “BOOP-AWW-FFRESSH” samples and ratcheting up of the whole ‘bridge of the Starship Enterprise’ vibe as lots of machines with flashing lights colonise the hastily constructed stage of the Bierhaus.

CSG stalwart Rumbus Merrylegs will be making a welcome return to show off the latest concoctions from the Merrylab. This is a rare chance to catch one of the most under-rated producers Galway has to offer.

Another CSG regular (some call him THE csg regular), Deviant will be showcasing his new beats which are (GASP! SHOCK! HORROR!) MADE WITHOUT TURNTABLES. You read that right folks. joining him on the day will be Naive Ted, MYC chaperoning duties permitting.

Dave Hayden aka Rogue Frequency will be coming off like the bastard son of Transparent Sound with his ace hardware Electro set on his CSG debut.

Handsome bastard and all round nice guy Lewis James will be showcasing his colour saturated hyperfunk on sunday as well. With some stellar releases on Original Cultures in 2013, his tunes have been getting support from source as diverse as Lauren Laverne, Rockwell and XLR8R.

Another CSG debutant this year is ZOiD & Chris. ZoiD is the production alias of classically trained guitarist Daniel Jacobsen, whose Troonax EP was one of the best received releases on Alkalinear last year, with savage artwork to boot. He will be joined on the day by his buddy Chris on horn duty.

Not only will there be aural treats galore on the weekend, but the recent game-changing addition of EntrePans hot sandwich counter and the boys behind the bar having really stepped their game up in the last 12 months with the addition of some quality craft beers and uber-delish cocktails, means no-one need go hungry or thirsty for the duration of proceedings.

All in all it promises to be another vintage year of cuttin’, chattin and fistpumpin’, and as always it’s free, so y’all have no excuse but to get down to the Bierhaus Easter weekend. Sure ye’d be mad not ta!
- Noid

[alk035] Squadger Moore [Beat people]

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[alk034] Violins is not the answer [Classic, dead.]


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[alk033] Zoid [Troonax ep] OUT NOW

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[alk032] Rumbus Merrylegs [Concrete thoughts]


Its here at last. Brand new Rumbus. Words wont do this album justice.

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[ALKV002] Moschops [ I Luv Space]  

Featuring Remixes from Lewis James and Valance Drakes

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[alk031] River Phoenix [180 Weeks]

"The ghost of drowned ambition is crying at the end of your bed.
 Don’t help him.
He’s just a ghost.”
- Jesse James.

River Phoenix are two fading Hip Hop producers living in Amsterdam. Inspired by the tribulations of being a musician in a world where making music is an increasingly mundane pursuit, inundated by waves of technological accessibility in an ocean of illusory marketing and image placement; they decided it was time to drown the machine.

Today’s musical audience stands vicariously on the same stage as their heroes through the purchase of computer programs that promise to give you talent for free and the ingenious but fraudulent Corporate mantra where “BUY” is replaced with “BE.” All the while deafened by the image they purchase.

River Phoenix is about being weak and admitting it. It’s about knowing that you did bad things in your life and living with it.
It’s about leaving the unfixable to turn to dust.

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